School Info

School Support Staff

For a complete list of Sunnyside staff, please refer to the 'Staff' page.



Phone Extension

Principal Delia Arancibia   500190
School Secretary Juanita Liuag 500100
Attendance Health Specialist Barbara Poukkula 500110
Nurse Maia Edwards / Elizabeth Sharp 500150
Psychologist Tracy McHenry 500160
Language, Speech and Hearing Specialist Estela Mora 500310
Library & Media Center Andrea Krautscheid  500170
Cafeteria Carmen Navarro 500180

Daily Schedule

School Hours

School begins at 7:45 a.m. daily. Students should not arrive on campus earlier than 7:30 a.m. unless they are participating in the breakfast program.


Starting Time -- Ending Time

Friday & Modified Days

 Transitional Kindergarten 7:45 - 2:05 7:45 - 12:50
Kindergarten - 3rd Grade 7:45-2:05 7:45-12:50
4th Grade-6th Grade 7:45-2:10 7:45-12:55

Lunch Times


Monday - Friday

Rainy Day

TK & Kindergarten 10:50 - 11:35 10:45 - 11:15
1st Grade 11:15-12:00 11:15 - 11:45
2nd Grade 11:15-12:00 11:15-11:45
3rd Grade 11:35-12:20 11:45 -12:15
4th Grade 11:35-12:20 11;45-12:15
5th Grade 11:55-12:40 12:15-12:45
6th Grade 11:55-12:40 12:15-12:45



Recess Time

TK & Kindergarten - 3rd 9:15 - 9:34
4th - 6th 9:40-9:59

School Rules

Sunnyside functions under three overarching rules:

  • Be Safe
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Respectful

Emergency Release Plan

School safety is a high priority. In case of a school emergency or a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, our school has a plan for releasing your child. Instructions for reunification with your child will be communicated to you by the school or district. Please do not come to the school based upon media reports, which may be misleading or innaccurate.

In the event of such a situation, we will conduct student release with specific documentation procedures. When you arrive at the pick-up location, you will be directed to our "Request Gate/Check in area." A runner will be sent to the student supervision area, and will escort your child to the "Release Gate," where you can reunite with your child. You will be required to sign for the release of your child. Be prepared to present a picture identification card, if requested.

It is imperative that you keep all information on your child's Emergency Card up-to-date as your child will only be released to those listed on the card. These procedures should be shared with everyone you list on the Emergency Card so they are familiar with our procedures.

In extreme circumstances, a student reunification area may be set up off-campus, and generally in collaboration with emergency responders.