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Principal's Corner: A Modernized School

In the Fall of 2019, Sunnyside Elementary School's staff and students returned to a newly-modernized school. The 18 million dollar renovation provided new playgrounds, updated classrooms, new technology, extensions to our parking lot, and so much more.

Sunnyside School

Over 74 days during the Summer of 2019, the school had been taken "down to the studs" and classroom interiors and exteriors were treated with new surfaces, including doors, carpets, windows, and walls. Many of the structures of the school, including the lunch arbor and roofing, were replaced.

Sunny Balloons

On September 20th, 2019, A ribbon cutting ceremony was held to honor the new building. Superintendent Francisco Escobedo and Board President Laurie Humphreys addressed students, staff and parents. With the old school having served Sunnyside Elementary's community since 1959, this was a historic event.

Sunny Class 1

Staff worked diligently to prepare the new school for the arrival of students. Students returned to the new building feeling energized. The school continues to make significant academic progress as students becoming better readers, writers, and mathematicians.


The 2021-21 school year brought much joy as we were able to return fully to our beautiful school.  Our entire staff was happy to welcome back all our students to full in-person learning after over one year in distance/hybrid learning.  

 At Sunnyside, we continue to build our focus on social-emotional learning through our Multi-Tiered Systems of Support & Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (MTSS/PBIS).  Our school rules are easy for all to remember and supports a positive learning environment for all students: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Kind.  


Sunny Classrooms

Our school motto has always been "Bright futures begin at Sunnyside."  We are part of a strong community and culture, where student academics continue to increase. I encourage families to join us in supporting their child's education by becoming involved in our school community. Thank you for your partnership!


Delia Arancibia  


Our Mission


The staff of Sunnyside School endeavors to provide students an instructional program and a learning environment which

will promote:

  • Mastery of grade level standards.

  • Effective interpersonal and communication skills.

  • Creativity and an appreciation for the arts.

  • Responsibility and self-discipline.

  • Motivation for lifelong learning.

  • Acceptance and appreciation of others.

  • Knowledge of physical and emotional well being.

  • Technological literacy.

Our Vision

Our motto, "Bright Futures Begin at Sunnyside," supports our vision that each of our students does indeed have a bright future and that when staff and parents and community work together on behalf of the children, we form a powerful alliance that will enable each child to reach his or her potential. To achieve our vision we are committed to ensuring that all students are provided a dynamic, well-balanced education in a nurturing, accepting, child centered, environment where learning is viewed as a worthwhile, life-long adventure.